Smooth funky hip hop Instrumental

byVM Beatz
Genre:Rap/Hip HopAmbiance:Relaxed
Tags:#Smooth, #funky, #hiphop, #funk, #rap, #instrumental, #instu, #prod, #beats

Nouveau son bien smooth

1341 Duration: 03:43 Bpm: 96


Include files: Mp3: yes - License Agreement

All instrumentals sold are instantly downloaded after purchase with its linked files (Mp3, Wav,Sterms depending on the license chosen and the license agreement proving that you have all rights to use the purchased instrument) An instrumental sold under a Non Exclusive license (NE) can be sold to several people. The files provided are: the track in MP3 format
  • Vocal: illimité
  • Musics videos: ilimité
  • Live performance: non
  • Synchronization: non
  • Copies: ilimité
  • Streaming: ilimité
  • Radio: ilimité


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