Seller guidebook

Track sales seamlessly


You can track the status of your sales at any time via your personal area by clicking on the "My Sales" tab.


Everything is automated, once a member buys your instrumental, the sale automatically appears in your "My Sales" section and you receive an email informing you of the purchase.


The "My Sales" section tells you how much your sales will be, how much AB will pay you, and how much you will receive.


How to get paid for your winnings


All payments are sent through PayPal. To make sure you get paid you must enter your PayPal address in your administration part, my profile and click on the tab "payment account" to enter your payment address.


Payments are made according to the conditions of the subscription you have chosen and at least each beginning of the month.


If you are not yet affiliated with PayPal, we invite you to create a PayPal account so that you can receive your winnings.

If you sold an beat and we have not paid you yet, you can either:

- Send us an email to claim your winnings

- Send us a payment request via Paypal  


In any case, you must provide the customer with all files related to the instrumental sold before sending your request. You will not be paid until the customer has all his files (the paid files are due to the customers that go of your reputation and also of ours).



All-Beats is one of the best ways to get to know you, but simply registering for the website is not enough.

You must have a well informed profile. Buyers like to know who is the music producer and his musical influences. 

if you want to sell more instrumental, you must present yourself as a must-have brand, so give as much information as possible about you, your music, your influences, the type of beats that you compose (rap beat, trap beat, house beat ...) 

The information provided will help increase your visibility on the internet and you find more easily on the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, ect.). 

Fill in your biography, put a picture and fill in the tags field.


The filling of all the fields requested when you upload an instrumental is essential.


When you upload a beat you say that you fill a product sheet.


Put as much information as you can on the beat that you upload, so that the future buyer is all information needed to make his purchase decision.


It's simple, better to have as much information as you can not have, do not forget that you sell a product, so more info is complete on it, more buyer will want to buy.


Put an evocative title


Fill in the BPM and say if you used a sample in the composition of your instrumental.


Choose the category (rap, hiphop, RnB, Trap, dancehall ....) And the atmosphere, the color you gave to your beat (Dark, angry ...).


The choice of the license is essential, remember that the exclusive beats are sold to a single person and leave the site after they are sold, unlike non-exclusive beats (lease) that can be sold to several people.


You can choose several licenses for an instrumental but if it is sold under an exclusive license it will leave the site and all other licenses will disappear with the latter.


Try a maximum of putting a clean picture to the beat (cover).


Regarding the description, do not hesitate to give as much detail as possible, your influences, the instrumentals used ...


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